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  We lived aboard our yacht Vesper for 10 years, leaving Friday Harbor, Washington in May 2001. We sailed north to Alaska, south to Panama, and across the Pacific to New Zealand. For several years we used New Zealand as a base during the cyclone season and explored South Pacific tropical islands during the winter sailing season. In 2011 we became dirt-dwellers again and for the past few years Vesper has had a new duty performing regular trials of new products built by Vesper Marine.

In 2007 we started Vesper Marine with the mission to build unique and innovative marine safety products. Vesper Marine has grown tremendously since then and we're proud that our WatchMate family of AIS safety products has become very popular and done more circumnavigations than any other class B AIS.

For details, see www.vespermarine.com.

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Last log entry: August 26, 2007
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ves·per\'ves-per\ n [ME, fr. L, evening, evening star] (14th century)  1 : cap, archaic : EVENING STAR
2 : a vesper bell   3 : archaic : EVENING, EVENTIDE

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